Spiking up in the number of deaths due to Measles is pretty alarming says WHO

Spiking up in the number of deaths due to Measles is pretty alarming says WHO

It looks like the deadly virus causing Measles is back in action according to the recent survey and report published by the WHO. The overall death cases recorded in the year 2018 had shot up to 140,000, and 209 is going to witness an even more significant number of deaths by Measles. The report also said that the graph had spiked up from 90,000 to 140,000 in two years (2016-2018). It looks like 2019 has been really as the death rate has mainly increased and is going to get worse. Schools in some of the countries like Samoa have been shut for over weeks now because of Measles.

The Pacific Island has also declared holidays to all the Government offices from the last two days to observe the National Immunization Drive.

Along with Ebola, people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been facing wrath due to measles, and there are about 5000 deaths recorded so far since January. WHO’s top executive, Kate O’Brien, on immunization has spoken out to media about the deaths observed due to Measles. Along with the statement made, Kate also attached a copy of the new report. The report shows a spike in the deaths due to Measles. Most of the people are dying due to measles because of their resistance to vaccinations. Kate also mentioned that due to the ignorance of the health systems, the vaccines are not reaching people on time. It is one of the other significant reasons for death due to Measles.

Only 50% of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been vaccinated, says UNICEF’s chief of health in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Xavier Crespin. Measles is generally found in kids aged below five, and due to security issues, the vaccinations do not reach these kids on time from the health offices. Despite having some hubs to vaccinate children, it becomes difficult to take them there due to security issues. So, eradicating Measles at this time seems to be quite challenging!